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Christine Drazan says: 

“I will support law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of whom do their jobs with courage and distinction, and I will increase funding for our state troopers.”

But Drazan voted to expose our police to doxing by masked, anonymous, antifa rioters.

Drazan voted to attack the free speech of police and assume they are racist.



Christine Drazan says:

“And when Portland politicians refuse to stop the nightly riots and bring peace to the streets, as Governor, I will.”

But while violent rioters were running wild on the streets of Portland, Drazan voted to virtually ban the use of riot control devices.

After one of the House Speaker’s staff was arrested in Portland riot for interfering with a police officer, Drazan voted to make that virtually legal.


Christine Drazan says:

“Under my administration, the days of treating police like criminals and criminals like victims will end.”

But Drazan voted to BAN the publication of rioter’s and other criminal’s mug shots!


Christine Drazan says:

“I will stand up for parents’ rights and ensure that they have a voice in where and how their child gets an education.”

 But Drazan voted to require tampons in boy’s bathrooms in PRE-SCHOOL!
In a fund raising email Drazan sent out on 5.13.2022, Drazan responded to ads criticizing her for this vote. In her email she claimed:

“I voted alongside every other Republican in the State House to provide underprivileged girls with feminine products.

A warped and radical progressive agenda–spearheaded by Kate Brown and Tina Kotek–then turned around and put feminine products into boys’ bathrooms.”

But this is a lie. The bill Drazan voted on was the “B Engrossed” version which contained the language putting tampons in little boy’s bathrooms. Here is the complete history for the vote on this demented legislation.


Christine Drazan says:

“As our next Governor , she will continue to challenge the status quo in Salem, to fight for what is best for working families and restore some common sense to our State Capitol.”

But Drazan voted to change the state song because it included the words “free men.”

Drazan voted to ban Columbus Day

Drazan voted for a racist bill that funded only black owned businesses.

Christine Drazan says:

“We will be done with mask mandates. We will be done with vaccine mandates.”

But she’s taken thousands from big pharma.

And while Drazan regularly reminds people that she “led” the walkout in 2020 that stopped cap and trade, mandatory vaccinations, and more gun control, she never mentions that she refused to walk out in 2021.

Could this be why?

Christine Drazan says:

“Growing up in rural Southern Oregon, her family was hit hard by the decline of the state’s timber industry and natural resource economy.”

But Drazan voted to add to the skyrocketing energy costs.

She voted to ban off shore drilling for American oil.

She voted to ban fracking.

She voted to restrict oil transportation through Oregon.

History counts. So do voting records.



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