“I took on the powerful special interests that control our state government”

You may wonder why a “conservative Republican” votes so often with liberal Democrats.


Here’s a clue:

(source ORESTAR)





So much for a “new direction.”


“She campaigned on a promise to stand up to the status quo and to put the interests of everyday Oregonians ahead of the special interests in the Capitol.”

These are just some of the “everyday Oregonians” who have invested in Christine Drazan, “small town girl”:

Johnson and Johnson

Eli Lily

Britsol Meyers Squibb


Moda Inc



Pharmaceutical Care Management Association


Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Abbot Laboratories

Centria Healthcare

Alkermes, Inc.



Did “everyday Oregonians” put well over a million dollars in Drazan’s war chest? Why not visit ORESTAR and find out for yourself?

While you’re there, you may want to find out how many of these folks were getting money from the same people who fund Drazan, Kotek, and Brown.

Drazan also received money from Angie Dilkes. Angie lobbied for the militant anti-gun organization “Everytown For Gun Safety.”

Is Drazan a friend to gun owners?

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