Is Drazan A Friend To Gun Owners?



Is Drazan A Friend To Gun Owners?

In a word, no.

While Drazan is now trying to present herself as a “proven leader on the 2nd Amendment” this claim is clearly preposterous. In fact, in spite of these ludicrous assertions, in 2021 and 2022 Drazan stopped no anti-gun bills. Because even if she wanted to, she could not. Drazan and the other Republicans had no power to stop anything unless they walked out and denied the Democrats the quorum they needed to ram through anti-rights legislation. Which Drazan refused to do.

Everything the Democrats failed to get in 2020 was handed to them on a silver platter by Drazan in 2021. Under Drazan’s “leadership” the House Republicans stayed in the Capitol giving the Democrats the quorum they needed to pass SB 554.

Now, thanks to that kind of “leadership” Oregonians are required to keep their self defense firearms locked up and useless, their family members are prohibited from using them to protect themselves during a home invasion, and persons with concealed handgun licenses are now banned from the Capitol building, where they have NEVER caused a problem.

In addition to being locked out of the Capitol, which belongs to the people, lawfully armed CHL holders are also banned from the Portland Airport.

But even more outrageous, any school can now ban parents with CHL’s from school property, including sports fields. Responsible parents who took measures to protect their children can now, not only be banned from attending their sporting events and other school functions, they can no longer even legally pick their kids up from school when in possession of the firearms they received “permission” from the state to carry.

When you take donations from anti-gun lobbyists, as Drazan has, your slick, bogus, mailers with stock photos of antique shotguns won’t hide the truth.

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