Meet Christine

Christine Drazan sells herself as a tough negotiator who “took on the powerful special interests that control our state government” but even a brief review of her donors shows that she has taken thousands of dollars from those same “special interests.”

She brags that she stood up for Oregonians time and again by voting no.”

But she fails to mention that almost everything she voted “no” on passed anyway because her rare “no” votes were meaningless, as she well knew.

The Democrat’s supermajority gave them the power to pass anything they wanted without a single Republican vote. And while Drazan and other Republicans regularly voted to support outrageous Democrat legislation, the times she and others voted “no” were symbolic at best.

The only tool the Republicans had to stop the Democrat’s agenda was to deny them the quorum they needed to pass it. But while Drazan reminds us that she “led the walkout” in 2020, and touts that as a success, she never mentions that she refused to use the same tool in 2021, giving the Democrats a free pass to ram through their dangerous legislation.

While Drazan promotes herself as someone who “took on” House Speaker Tina Kotek, the truth is she negotiated a deal that eliminated what little leverage the Republicans had left in exchange for a “promise” which, of course, Kotek broke.

But even Drazan had to know that her “deal” was meaningless to begin with. Kotek is well known for backing out on promises.

But the false promise of equal representation on the redistricting committee gave Republicans no advantage anyway since the Democrats always had the power to agree to nothing and let the far left, Democrat, Secretary of State control that process.

Drazan’s sales pitch simply does not match reality.

Slick campaign ads paid for with lobbyist money may be great entertainment, but facts should still matter.


Meet the Friends of Christine Drazan.

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