Where Is Drazan On Illegal Imigration?

Drazan voted for HB 2359.

As noted in the Northwest Observer:

“In addition to requiring publicly reimbursed health care providers to work with a qualified or certified health care interpreter listed on OHA’s 900-plus-member central registry, the law outlines recordkeeping requirements for health care providers and interpreting service companies when they work with a health care interpreter”

The bill’s chief sponsors were mostly hard core leftists. As is so often the case, many “conservative” House members supported it.

As the Observer pointed out, “One of the organizations OHA is partnering with to eliminate barriers that prevent access to health care interpreter services is Pueblo Unido PDX. The Portland-based nonprofit connects individuals with a vulnerable immigration status in the Pacific Northwest with legal, social and Indigenous language interpretation services.”

Here are a few quotes from Pueblo Unido’s website:

Pueblo Unido helps people who are in ICE custody in Tacoma, WA or in removal proceedings at the Portland Immigration Court find attorneys and gather supporting evidence in order to have the best possible chance to prevail against deportation. Contact our navigation team by calling 503-360-0324.

In our first 3 ½ years of operation (April 2017 – October 2020), Pueblo Unido provided free consultations and communication credits to over 330 people in detention centers, paid towards 62 attorney retainer fees, and connected over 250 individuals to free legal aid. 30 people supported by Pueblo Unido have been released from detention–10 of whom have already won their cases against deportation and obtained lawful status.

We use terms like Latinx (Latino/a) and todxs (todos/as) to be inclusive of the LGBT/Queer (Cuir) community. Using ‘x’ at the end of words (and increasingly ‘e’) allows us to avoid prioritizing either the masculine or feminine, and recognizes that there are people who don’t identify with either binary gender.

Here is a video they are promoting.

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